S1 Digitalpreneurship

Mampu merancang bangun sistem informasi perdagangan berbasis elektronik/internet (e commerce) beserta proses marketing dan periklanan dengan menggunakan multichannel/social media serta dapat membuat usahanya sendiri (entrepreneur).

Mengapa Memilih S1 Digitalpreneurship?

  • Innovation Hub: Immerse yourself in an environmentthat fosters creativity and innovation, where cutting-edge digital solutions are crafted.
  • Future-Ready Skills: Gain a skill set tailored for the digital age, preparing you for the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship in the digital realm.
  • Market Relevance: Equip yourself with knowledgeand insights that align with current market trends, ensuring your skills remain relevant and in demand.
  • Global Connectivity: Explore the limitless possibilities of a digitally connected world, fostering collaborations and partnerships on a global scale.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Develop a unique entrepreneurial mindset that thrives in the fast-paced, ever-changing digital ecosystem.
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